Thursday, September 24, 2015

Brooke's Legend Homecoming 2015..

Man, I LOVE this girl! She had a great time with this group of beautiful girls! I can't believe she is a freshman! Brooke has just seamlessly become a high schooler. 
Easton and Brooke are just 16 months apart, and on days like this, I love it!
I love that they are friends.

These sisters of Brooke, L.O.V.E. her! Tymber decided to wear a "fancy" dress to celebrate the occasion. 

I love that the brother jumped in the picture with the group. Those sweet teenagers just hoisted him up them, and smiled for the pic.

I think this is a funny picture. I don't think my mom would have approved, but I think it's fun that all these girls were "modest" with their NikePros. I forgot to ask if they coordinated this, but it was fun nonetheless.

I love these two. What more can I say?

The whole big group of guys and girls! I love to see Brooke beaming with sweet friends.



This is Brooke with one of her childhood friends. These two used to play on the sidelines of their brother's games for hours. So fun to have them reconnect in high school. Beautiful girls!

How fun is the selfie stick? Loving their smiles as they as squeeze in for a picture!

These little girls (along with the rest of us) had spent the day cleaning out one of three scary garages! They threw on clothes, and I didn't even brush my hair. Fun times!

The Lincavages put on a beautiful dinner for this group! It really was a gorgeous set-up with Quoda to enjoy before heading off for the dance.

This boy was adorable! He gave a toast to their first Homecoming, and many memories to come. 

Life seems to be passing by quickly these days, but in all the hustle and bustle, it is wonderful to slow down and enjoy these little milestones. Brooke is going to have the best time making memories with all of her friends at her new school. She was hesitant, to say the least, about this new journey, but I think the smiles in these pictures capture the joy she is experiencing.

Sometimes life throws us curveballs that we think will end the good that we already know, but sometimes there is something even better out there waiting.

I love you Brooke.

I had to throw these two pictures in at the end. This is as we were driving away. I love the "fake" look on John's face as Easton is driving. Easton kept giving me goofy looks. I just wanted to document yet another milestone. These little moments are the ones I don't want to forget. Like the fact that Easton and John raced to pictures straight from Stake Priesthood meeting, that apparently Easton wasn't even supposed to attend, but went along with John anyway. Or the fact that John lets Easton drive his big truck and is very patient with him. I love it all!

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